Agosto 2008


4.jpga cura di Maurizio Vitiello


mastrangelo e pedullà1.jpg

mastrangelo e pedullà.jpgmastrangelo e pedullà1.jpgmastrangelo e pedullà.jpg

mastrangelo e pedullà1.jpgbaies.jpgmastrangelo e pedullà.jpgbaies.jpg

Gianni Pedullà at Archetyp Art Gallery
On September 3, 2008, Termoli’s Archetyp Art Gallery presents the latest works of Gianni Pedullà.
Starting with his magic boxes to the thematic signs that see subjects like dreaming children, characters entered in a non-existing world that praises love and the epiphanic quality to live the planet. Pedullà’s career is structured on a consolidated continuity of the sense of research; he uses the material that he selects to give form to the evocative sculpture of a deep sense of the magic look, of the feeling in the paper-mache` of a theatre of the imaginary innermost, dear to Giordano Bruno. But also to the historic succession that thinkers, aesthetes and scientific researchers have catalogued and put back to the perception of humanity that here goes back to take possession, through the Art of Gianni Pedullà, of a cognitive quality that the last years of the history of the Italian Art have deliberately neglected with no discretion for the creative forces that faithful and valuable artists put back in use for everyone’s evolution.

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Jose Greco Dance Troupe


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